Sonnets to God 3

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Words are flying at me, piercing my heart,

From those who despise me and some I love.

Arrows fall so thick the sky appears dark.

Raining down with poison tips from above.


My soul wounded from relentless attacks.

Broken and damaged not sure I’ll survive.

Spirit withered, body weakened, heart taxed.

Hardly a sign that I am still alive.


I whisper your name hoping you hear me.

Praying my words are lifted on the wind,

and to your kingdom it carries my plea,

so you might save me before my sad end.


You alone can rescue me from this fate.

And redeem me, standing pure at your gate.


Sonnet to God

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I love sonnets. I’m not saying mine are amazing or anything, I’m just saying I love them. Writing them, reading them, and now posting them. I started writing some to God, inspired by the psalms. Here’s the first one I wrote.

God I am lost without your guiding hand.

I act as though I know where I’m going.

But really I’m just wandering this land.

And hide the fact to keep it from showing.


Still, knowing this I ignore your spirit.

And go where my lying heart would take me.

It always seems to land me in a pit.

Where my soul languishes in agony.


If only I could learn to follow you.

And keep your laws and decrees in my heart.

When trouble comes I would know what to do.

At last I would see your light in the dark.


Please keep calling me though I walk away.

Hopefully I will answer you one day.