Sawyer’s Birthday Poem

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Sawyer Steven
My little heathen
Playful sweet mischievous

Happy Birthday
Presents, cake and play
Till you are delirious

We love you so
Always on the go
Ever bringing joy to us

We’ll hold your hand
Grow into a man
And live your life prosperous

Bonus Birthday Poem for Eli: Champion

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Dragons roar
Bows bend
Steel swords sharply clang

Beasts in caves
Growl and snarl
Show their bloodied fangs

Battles rage
Enemies slain
And heroes succumb and fall

Damsels cry
In deep distress
A champion they call

Arrows fly
Tipped with flame
Deep into the night

Sending all
From their homes
Scurrying with fright

Who will help?
The meek and mild
Survive through the dark

Stop the world
From being torn
Savagely apart

Elijah will
Brave and strong
Protect those in need

Noble and pure
His sword will set
The innocent free

Elijah Birthday Poem 11/10/2016

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When justice is threatened
You are there
When someone needs a friend
You are there
When your brothers need help
You are there
When there’s work to be done
You are there
When there’s fun to be had
You are there
When soccer’s being played
You are there
When a book needs reading
You are there
When the bullied need a champion
You are there
When there’s bridges to be built
You are there

I will always love you my son
All the days my life’s race is run

Elijah Birthday Poem 2015

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My Baby Boy
Not a baby any more
So full of life and joy
Excited for what it has in store
Becoming a man from a boy

Like looking into a mirror for me
Many years ago when I was little
My spirit was crushed underneath
Torn apart, caught in the middle

So yours, my love, I’ll protect
I’ll fight for you again dangers
I’ll guard your innocent spirit
And comfort you when you’re in anger

You’re free, my son, to love life
Play and laugh, love and live
I’ll ensure you’re free from strife
All I have, to you I will give

Take my hand and feel safe
With me no one can steal your smile
We’ll laugh and sing as we race
I love you now and always my child

Sawyer’s Birthday Poem 2015

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As clouds swirled and rain poured
Grey and thick deluge drowning me
Anger and rage pelting in the storm
Blinded, beaten, exhausted no end could I see

You were a ray of light in the eye of the storm
Hope incarnate, love wrapped in a blanket
I loved you even before you were born
Though you hadn’t given me anything yet

I didn’t need anything from you
You were mine and I would give you my love
Brought you forth from the womb
Another perfect gift from above

I’ll hold your hand and run by your side
Kiss your head and stroke your hair
I’ll be your father and lovingly be your guide
You will always be my son, my baby bear

Birthday Poem: Elijah 2014

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My son, let me hold you close and

stroke your messy blond hair.

Gripping you tight, I want to hold

you forever and always give you care.

So sweet and sensitive my boy

you cannot stand by and allow injustice.

In you a fire simmers and occasionally

rages as you explode in a righteous outburst.

Railing against those who lie or slander

like a great defender of the weak, a knight.

Gentle nature not prone to raise a fist

yet when bullies jeer you’re there to fight.

My heart swells and eyes tear to hear you tell

of your time spent with kind Maxine.

On the surface not the strongest or

the bravest, your great strength unseen.

I love you so and I’m so proud to

be your dad now and forever.

For you and your siblings a drive

moves me always to deserve to be your father.

Sawyer Birthday Poem (2014)

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Happy Birthday my baby boy
You bring both trouble and joy

So happy and busy and free
You run around like a crazy monkey

Crawling, running, jumping and climbing
Always learning, laughing and loving

Such a busy boy, always in mischief
So bright and curious you are a gift

A beautiful sapling growing ever stronger
I’ll water you with love and joyful showers

And watch you grow into a strong mighty tree
Proud and tall you’ll stand next to me

Grow my son and learn to love ever more
Know that Daddy is here, always I’ll adore

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