Eli’s Birthday Poem

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There’s a wide adventure waiting
For you to take up a sword and go
Bravely down roads that wind
Into the endlessly calling unknown

Take up a strong brightly painted shield
To hold up in the face of dangers
Whether from monsters lurking
Or from malevolent strangers

Grip tightly to your sword
Do not let it tarnish or rust
I hope you never have to use it
But have the strength if you must

Protect yourself with armor plate
Keep safe your precious heart
You are so pure and so kind
Never will you slip into the dark

Lastly, gather ones you trust
To journey with you always
For when you cannot carry on
They will keep your banner raised

Go forth my son with my blessing
In you I see my own reflection
Wherever you go I’m with you
Regardless of the direction


Never Let Go

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Today my heart broke
As I laid down and spoke
Soft words to my darling son
As his life of burden begun

Gripped with fear that cannot
Be defeated or even fought
Though I would battle anything
Can we defeat anxiety?

Your tears ripped my heart away
Give me the words I need to say
To soothe your pain and anguish
I’m desperate this ache to vanquish

If I had the weapon
I would end the confusion
If only my love and embrace
Your anxiety could erase

I’m becoming desperate my son
To guard you from this season
It pains me as your father
That your world is becoming darker

I would take your fear and pain
But my hopes are all in vain
I promise I’ll fight with you though
I will never give up, never let go

Landon’s Birthday Poem 2017

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My dearest Landon
Such a sweet son
Simply loves everyone
Your life has just begun

Blessed with so many gifts
Overflowing with benefits
Unparalleled wits
The world has no limits

Melting hearts with your smile
For you I’d walk miles
As the sun points on the dial
I’m your loving dad all the while

I’ll carry your burdens with you
Even after you grew
From the nest you flew
I’ll see you through

I’m your strength when you need
Be there to sing you to sleep
Help you from bonds be freed
For you all my blood I’ll bleed

When my baby has bad dreams

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Rest my son, I’ll help you sleep
You need to rest, to breath in deep
Do not fear the dreams that scare
I’m here for you to love and care
I’ll fight the monsters in the dark
Let me remove pain in your heart
There’s no need for you to be afraid
I’ll never leave you or forsake
All my might and all my strength
I’ll muster to make sure you’re safe
Daddy’s here now and always
I’ll get you through this dark maze
And we will laugh and jump for joy
I will never stop protecting my baby boy

Sawyer’s Birthday Poem

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Sawyer Steven
My little heathen
Playful sweet mischievous

Happy Birthday
Presents, cake and play
Till you are delirious

We love you so
Always on the go
Ever bringing joy to us

We’ll hold your hand
Grow into a man
And live your life prosperous

Bonus Birthday Poem for Eli: Champion

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Dragons roar
Bows bend
Steel swords sharply clang

Beasts in caves
Growl and snarl
Show their bloodied fangs

Battles rage
Enemies slain
And heroes succumb and fall

Damsels cry
In deep distress
A champion they call

Arrows fly
Tipped with flame
Deep into the night

Sending all
From their homes
Scurrying with fright

Who will help?
The meek and mild
Survive through the dark

Stop the world
From being torn
Savagely apart

Elijah will
Brave and strong
Protect those in need

Noble and pure
His sword will set
The innocent free

Elijah Birthday Poem 11/10/2016

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When justice is threatened
You are there
When someone needs a friend
You are there
When your brothers need help
You are there
When there’s work to be done
You are there
When there’s fun to be had
You are there
When soccer’s being played
You are there
When a book needs reading
You are there
When the bullied need a champion
You are there
When there’s bridges to be built
You are there

I will always love you my son
All the days my life’s race is run

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