Flashback Friday: Forecast

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another high school poem for this Friday…enjoy 🙂

Clouds cover the sun so bright
Shutting out the rays of its might
Bringing rain for the world below
When the time is right it might even snow
And below turmoil reigns supreme
Battling the evils of the storm so mean
Too little avail people continue in struggle
No ground does not carry a puddle
In this time so hopeless and dreary
Tomorrow the sun will wake up and shine.


Love like a storm


Love is like a storm on the open seas.
The vast open waters, the wind and waves.
Sailing on it is never with much ease.
You can sail without seeing land for days.

So why then would anyone ever sail?
There is so much danger, why take the risk?
Of being tossed about by a fierce gale.
Or the ship breaking up in the abyss.

The danger causes many to stay home.
Many never leave safe waters of port.
They are too afraid to ever go roam.
They long for the safety of the king’s court.

So only the sailors can ever know.
The golden streets of lost Eldorado.