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Eyes burning and body aching

I lie in bed rolling ever waking

Wishing the agony would end

Hoping that my body will mend

Though I suspect that I will live

I wonder how much more to give

To this ravenous insatiable plague

As my eyes close and vision fades

Please lift this curse from my flesh

That I may heal and rest


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The Sureshot Rises

TBT: Petting the Dog


A hunger deep in the bowels of his stomach burns
He’s begging, for a tiny doggie treat yearns
Whining and whimpering he sadly cries
His owner pats his head and clears the sadness from his eyes

Cold and wet the dog sits in the pouring rain
Sad and alone he sits in immense pain
The master abusing the creature for endless years
Calms him by softly scratching behind his ears

Beaten and bloody after another drunken rage
The dog didn’t want this to be just another page
With the sent of blood and memories of the past
He bit his master in his fat lazy ass

Endure it Does

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Through fires raging
War drums banging
Our Love
Endure it does

Even when waters rise
When there’s stormy skies
Our Love
Endure it does

Ever climbing hills
It cannot be killed
Our Love
Endure it does

Though it has enemies
Who sabotage like thieves
Our Love
Endure it does

When we want to quit
We can’t live without it
Our Love
Endure it does

Worth more than gold
More than precious stone
Our Love
Endure it does

Like towering trees
Dancing in the breeze
Our Love
Endure it does

It’s strong as rock
Crumble it will not
Our Love
Endure it does

Even over time
It improves like wine
Our Love
Endure it does

Our love has no end
Ever will it mend
Our Love
Endure it does

Daddy Daughter Dance

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Dance daughters dance!

No one is here to judge you

You need not impress

You need only dress

However you like

Enjoy the whole night

Sing the songs loudly

And enjoy the melody

For we are here for you

And anything you do

Daddies of all walks

Here to dance and talk

So you know we love

You like angels above

There’s no one here to judge you

Dance daughter’s dance!


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TBT: The Cycle


First Poem I ever wrote. Thought of it while working on the farm.

It is the superior man that falls the hardest,
At having lost his blood boils with jealousy and rage,
If his superiority discontinues he himself discontinues.
Life in its darkest form,
He falls at the mercy of Life from the clouds so high,
Onto the barren, jagged, untamed rocks of the Earth.
They have seen much of time, life,
They await its end,
Exposed themselves by time, life, they take life away.
Then another pawn takes his place in the majestic clouds.
To continue the rising and falling of power,
The Cycle.

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